We provide all services needed to take the designer’s vision to fruition. Along with providing high quality products at competitive prices, we look to build a long-term relationship with designers and customers by providing unique offerings like Value Engineering.


Our true passion is taking a customer’s ideas or drawings from concept to fruition. We believe the true test of a quality sign is not how it looks when installed, but rather how it looks over the years. There is a lot that goes into producing a sign that will last, from how well the substrate is prepped  to using high quality paints. At CG Signage we make sure all substrates are prepped correctly, use only Matthews Paint and select the highest quality graphic material. We also recommend applying a protective clear coat which adds UV protection and can guard against vandalism.

Value Engineering

As an experienced fabricator we are constantly involved in R&D to test new materials and procedures, giving our customers the best value for their money without compromising quality. We also understand that sometimes budget is most important, which requires a redesign of fabrication. While it may alter the finished product, sometimes it’s necessary to meet budgetary restrictions. Options, explanations and samples are always provided to help our customers make an informed decision.


As signage is needed during the construction process for occupancy, it’s important to have someone familiar with the permitting process to minimize delays. We understand tight timelines, and we have experience working with cities to receive approval in order to meet those important deadlines.


No matter how well a sign is made, if it’s not installed properly, it simply doesn’t work. We enlist our construction division, ATC Construction, to provide many of our installation services- from demolition, concrete work and heavy lifts to installing unit and garage IDs. This allows us to minimize sub-contracted work, keeping costs low so we pass that savings on to our customers.

Basic Design

CG Signage is not a design firm. We can provide basic layout and design suggestions, but our strength is in manufacturing. If you have a project that requires significant design work, we highly recommend working with a specialized firm. We’re happy to provide recommendations.